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18th-Sep-2018 07:40 am
Title: Remedial Potions, II
Challenge: Silver trio
Word Count: 100

“To keep Longbottom company?” Severus rose to his full height, slowly, in the way that usually had obstreperous students wetting themselves. “He is neither the only student in this class nor the only Gryffindor. Company indeed!”

“Company is good for everyone, sir,” said Lovegood, adjusting the miniaturized vegetable marrows that were this week's earrings. “Besides, Neville's gran doesn't like the only other Gryffindor who actually needs the extra work, so Neville isn't supposed to talk to him. We're here to make sure he doesn't attract gristlethwicks and silver-legged teatrays.”


“They're attracted by tears, sir,” said Lovegood.
17th-Sep-2018 07:49 am
Title: Remedial Potions, I
Challenge: Silver trio
Word Count: 100

Severus watched as the dunderheads who had been assigned to a summer potions class shuffled out after the first lecture. Some students he had expected (Goyle, who could barely work his sums let alone follow a recipe), others he had actively dreaded (why couldn't Longbottom's grandmother hire a private tutor?), but two -

“Miss Weasley. Miss Lovegood. A word.” Severus waited for the youngest Weasley and the only Lovegood to make their way to his desk. “What you are doing here? Neither of you require extra study.”

The girls hesitated, then Ginny Weasley answered. “To keep Neville company, sir.”
16th-Sep-2018 03:41 pm - Challenge #760: "Snape and The Silver Trio"
Challenge 760: Snape and The Silver Trio

This group caused Snape plenty of trouble, I'm sure, especially during his year as Headmaster of Hogwarts. How did he manage them? How were his interactions with them? For our purposes, since there is some controversy about who's in this group, the Silver Trio are Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood, and Neville Longbottom. So, however you see it, this week we discuss Snape and the Silver Trio.

(Remember: drabble posts now appear on livejournal and insanejournal and dreamwidth.)
13th-Sep-2018 02:52 pm - Underland Asylum
Underland Asylum
Reality is Questionable...
"You look decent enough, but appearances deceive:
I know you for an unstable and violent person.
A long stay under supervision would serve you right."

An OC twisted Wonderland game, where Patients are a unique clientèle that may or may not be from a now-corrupt Wonderland. And Staff experience the dark and twisted past of an odd Victorian Asylum. The deeper into the Asylum you go the stranger the world becomes.
14th-Sep-2018 08:01 am
Title: Reunion, XIV
Challenge: Order of the Phoenix
Word Count: 100

Excerpt from Witch Weekly's “Party Central” gossip column:

...the collation afterward, however, was marred by a quarrel between Mrs. Harry Potter and her brother Ronald after Ronald spiked the non-alcoholic punch, as Mrs. Potter had just learned that a little Potter is on the way. “Bat Bogey isn't nearly enough!” she cried before covering her brother with slime.

Deputy Headmaster Severus Snape, when asked for comment, simply shrugged and said, “I told Minerva this was a bad idea” before summoning an elf to clean up after Master Teddy Lupin, in wolf form, lifted his leg against a card table....
13th-Sep-2018 07:51 am
Title: Reunion, XIII
Challenge: Order of the Phoenix
Word Count: 100

My dear Minerva,

Be that as it may, if you want to have a party, call it a party, not a “collation.” I've already heard rumors that female invitees are ordering tea dresses and white gloves, at least the ones who are past the first bloom of youth. The only one I can imagine looking elegant instead of foolish in such a get up is Fleur Weasley, likely because she's French and not from the West Country.

As for me, I may well come simply to observe the chaos when someone spikes the punch with your “selection of alcohol.”

12th-Sep-2018 07:35 am
Title: Reunion, XII
Challenge: Order of the Phoenix
Word Count: 100

Reply to Severus Snape's reply to Minerva McGonagall's invitation, from Minerva McGonagall, via an extremely annoyed barn owl:

Dear Severus:

Just because you are an atheist doesn't mean that everyone else is. Services of Thanksgiving are common to every culture, and this one is deliberately planned to be as inclusive as possible. Mother Bagham-Barnes and Rabbi Montefiore will be coordinating with Imam Damra, Pastor McGillicuddy, and Guru Singh Khalsa, which you would know if you'd read the enclosed program.

As for the food, I will be serving hot appetizers and a selection of alcohol, not gillywater. Good heavens.


11th-Sep-2018 07:54 am
Title: Reunion, XI
Challenge: Order of the Phoenix
Word Count: 100

Reply to Minerva McGonagall's invitation from Severus Snape:

My dear Minerva:

Are you out of your mind?

A church service of Thanksgiving? Have half your guests ever so much as set foot in a church except for weddings and funerals? Can Lupin even enter a church without igniting, let alone take Communion? Are you certain Lovegood won't bring her crumpet-coated snack cakes or whatever she's calling her latest wildlife “discovery”?

And a “collation”? Do you think tea sandwiches and gillywater will be enough to satisfy the Weasleys, especially the ones who are playing professional Quidditch?

Please rethink this.

S. Snape
10th-Sep-2018 07:46 am
Title: Reunion, X
Challenge: Order of the Phoenix
Word Count: 100

Invitation sent to all living members of the Order of the Phoenix:

Headmistress Minerva McGonagall requests the honour of your presence at a tenth anniversary memorial service of thanksgiving at St. Simon Magus to commemorate the lives of those who gave their lives in the ongoing struggle to defeat Riddle and his servants.

The service will be followed by a small collation in the Headmistress's Garden, with dancing after the meal. The evening will conclude with fireworks over the loch.

Kindly RSVP by [date redacted] to the Headmistress's office, along with any food sensitivities and the names of any guests....
9th-Sep-2018 02:07 pm - Challenge #759: "Snape and The Order of the Phoenix"
Challenge 759: Snape and The Order of the Phoenix

As a secret member of this group, Snape I'm sure had opinions about the other members. One does wonder how he'd be treated by them. Are they friends, or merely an imposed obligation? However you see it, this week we discuss Snape and the Order of the Phoenix.

(Remember: drabble posts now appear on livejournal and insanejournal and dreamwidth.)
7th-Sep-2018 07:46 am
Title: Reunion, IX
Challenge: Marauders
Word Count: 100

“And then there was Wormtail,” Lupin began, and Severus downed a headache draught.

“Spare me the details. I had to live with him during summer hols and am far too familiar with his habits.”

“Then you won't be surprised to learn that he chewed his way through the Historical Monument to Astronomical Wizardry,” said Lupin, rubbing at his temples. “Even Sirius was angry at him, the stupid git.”

Severus shoved a second headache draught in Lupin's direction. “He ate my copy of The Suicide Club. Said the ink tasted good.”

Lupin sighed. “Like I said, stupid git.”
6th-Sep-2018 07:51 am
Title: Reunion, VIII
Challenge: Marauders
Word Count: 100

“Not just Grim effluvia, as you so quaintly put it,” Lupin snarled, and Severus stopped writing. Lupin normally was the most even-tempered dunderhead he knew, but clearly he had his limits. “Prongs wasn't precisely the most continent creature in the world.”

Severus closed his girdle book. “Let me guess. He'd had a fight with Lily and decided to work out his sorrows by destroying Black property.”

“They weren't even dating, you git,” said Lupin. “He had too much ice cream even though he was lactose intolerant..

Severus winced. No wonder the lawn had had such a peculiar smell.
5th-Sep-2018 07:53 am
Title: Reunion, VII
Challenge: Marauders
Word Count: 100

Lupin blinked. “My toileting habits? What are you talking about?”

Severus curled his lip. “Your effluvia stripped the paint from the Gazebo of the Four Humors and your scat nearly killed half the imported aromatics. Lucius was - “

“My effluvia? What are you talking about? I used the loo before I changed!” Lupin looked genuinely annoyed for once. “It was Sirius who had an extra glass of butterbeer before we apparated!”

“Well. That certainly explains a few things.” Severus pulled out his girdle book and jotted down a few notes. “Who knew Grim piss was so toxic?”
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